Group for Design, Synthesis & Characterization of Materials


For the Group for Design, Synthesis & Characterization of Nanomaterials the main characterization technique of the synthesized materials is electron microscopy. It is an indispensable tool in materials science and particularly in the field of nano materials as it allows to study their structure down to the atomic scale. The sample preparation is a crucial issue related to the quality of the obtained images. Now a days the a dual beam electron microscope allows to precisely cut out lamellas from the desired area of interest and thin them down to electron transparency.

Services: the group provides electron microscopy services to internal research groups and external R&D partners, simultaneously acting a consulting unit for electron microscopy in materials science.
Collaboration in R&D projects: looking for a partner to realize scientific and development projects which require electron microscopy characterization?   We are interested to team up with scientific and industrial partners.
Services: We offer characterization services of various solid materials and nanomaterials.
Consulting: If you are planning to purchase electron microscopy equipment for materials science, we offer you to assist.